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TaylorMade Outreach 


Selena Taylor has been tailor made for empowerment and outreach. For over 20 years, Selena has labored passionately to empower youth and adults with much needed resources to pursue and live their lives productively.


She is a messenger of hope and whenever (and wherever) you encounter Selena, you will be sure to find her planning, organizing, developing, or sharing some type of resource or empowerment experience that will elevate you to the next level.

Northwest Premier Jr. Football & Cheer


Northwest Premier Jr Football & Cheer (NPJFC) league was formed in the summer of 2015 for youth football clubs who wanted values that better serve their families and communities.  


Our mission is to develop scholar athletes to become better people who develop better communities.

Baseball Beyond Borders


Baseball Beyond Borders (BBB) is a sports-based community development organization striving to bridge the economic and social gap between youth of color and the sport of baseball. Emphasis is placed on financial support to Inner-City School to provide the appropriate access and opportunity to experience our nation's pastime sport. The focus will remain on student-athlete development on and off the field of play through our institutional partner, Moving Beyond 12.

Moving Beyond 12 


Moving Beyond 12 (MB 12) is a comprehensive college/career preparatory curriculum for student athletes – a series of capacity building trainings to deliver student workshops, family engagement activities, mentoring and one-to-one advising. Moving Beyond 12 works to prepare students for life after high school by connecting their skills, passions and desires to the necessary education and training to achieve their goals. We help students make choices that promote success in college and beyond.

Community NW Missionaries Joe and Talitha Green

The Messenger Experience

The Messenger Experience (TME) is designed for leaders who are haunted by vision. TME is for transformational leaders with a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to share: and although they are ready to let their lives speak, they feel overwhelmed about how to get clear and mobilized to do the work. They sense the mandate is huge, and doing nothing is not an option. They know their message is needed and can have a transformative impact on others; and this clarifying journey is designed to help them do just that.



DYNAMIC and its founder, Lakesha Gates, is charged with emboldening leaders to move forward in faith to contribute their lifes work to the world. We desire to help leaders get out of their own way and learn to fully live and not merely exist. Leaders are emboldened into action, whether through goal setting, time management, or breaking through physical and/or mental obstacles. There is more to life that what many are currently experiencing. DYNAMIC speaks to change, preparation, and action.

Let's Talk Intimacy


Let's Talk Intimacy is a Christian based consulting and coaching network that provides intimacy training and support for married couples. LTI strives to provide couples with quality training established through rigorous research, biblical truth, and proven experience in the form of private consultation, small group cohorts, and retreat style workshops. It is our desire to bring back or enhance the friendship, romance, and recreation that married couples desire by establishing safe communication skills that open up the doors to intimacy.

The Discipleship Center


The Discipleship Center is an authentic community of Jesus followers who are called to be the church wherever they are. God has wired them to be an equipping and sending ministry and as such leaders can anticipate being empowered to LIVE ON MISSION because ALL OF LIFE IS MINISTRY.

The Kingdom in Neighborhoods Network (K.I.N.) is for the believer that senses a deep conviction regarding the Great Commission and has a desire to live it out in their neighborhood and community.


Who is K.I.N. for?


  • K.I.N. is for the leader that is searching for a missional network that understands the urban context and sees their community as God's community being redeemed.

  • K.I.N. is for the church planter that has the courage to reimagine what a disciple making church that lives out the gospel through unconventional methodology, yet holding true to the essential Christian Doctrine, could look like.

  • K.I.N. is for the believer that longs for the freedom to be creative and innovative in sharing the Gospel to their neighbors.

  • K.I.N. is for the believer that cares about their neighborhood and/or the community of people that God has called them to!

Kingdom in Neighborhoods (K.I.N.) Network

A Network of Urban Missionaries & Ministries

Being the Church Wherever We Are!

K.I.N. Network Partners

The K.I.N. Network Partners have demonstrated their commitment to see communities transformed into the family of God in their various unique expressions. They have been confirmed by God and affirmed by the K.I.N. Network community. They have accepted partnership into the covenant relationship and recognize that we are better, stronger and more effective together.  

As Community Team Event Planners, Joe and Talitha Green organize activities, allowing residents to build friendships and grow roots in the community. They work with community managers to develop a plan that serve residents in personal and meaningful ways. They also provide support to residents in times of need and celebration. 

ComeUnity is a community garden and food bank overseen by Lovell and Heidi Davis. They began their outreach ministry with a community garden because it provides a host of opportunities to reach their community, spiritually and naturally. The community garden and food bank serves as the conduit to increase a sense of community ownership and stewardship, to allow people from diverse backgrounds to work side-by-side without speaking the same language, and come together to change the Boulevard Park Community.

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