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About Our Gatherings

The Discipleship Center is a multicultural Christian congregation that meets in the Seattle area. Just so you know, when you come to visit, it is not abnormal to find us circled up and sharing God's word and each other's stories in a give and take manner.


The Discipleship Center will really resonate with those looking for:


  • a place to clarify whose you are, who you are, and why you are

  • an environment to grow as an authentic leader (uniquely purposed by God)

  • encouragement to grow where God has planted you

  • a place where you will be continually encouraged to live into who God designed you to be

  • a community of fellow leaders, brothers, and sisters who desire to be real and transparent in their pursuit of God and their calling

Sunday Gatherings ​

Our gatherings begin at 11am. We stand firm on the bible and its teachings, and you will find that at the foundation of every Sunday gathering. Just so you know, when you come to visit, it is not abnormal to find us circled up and sharing God's word and each other's stories on Discipleship and Cafe Sundays.


We talk with each other and teach one another from the foundation of God's word and deeply value the call He has on our lives to live on mission. We are learning that if we are to truly be disciples who make disciples of Jesus we must understand our need to do life together beyond our Sunday gatherings.

Empowerment Wednesdays

Come and join us for this time of empowerment. This mid-week opportunity allows us to go deeper and grow deeper in God's word, while building deeper relationships with one another on our journey together. It is a time of transparency, encouragement, equipping and refreshing.


Empowerment Wednesday's focus on short term training/teaching and fellowship environments that cater to the needs of the congregation based upon where the members are in the process of our core values.


We offer short term, three to six week, training modules that will equip leaders to impact communities.

Connections Youth Ministry

Our mission is to reach out and connect to youth and young adults in our community. We do this through simple connection at our monthly meetings (on the 2nd Saturday of each month) and social outings.


The ministry consists of answering questions from our youth and connecting with them on a consistent basis. 


We strive to give young people a deeper understanding of the word of God. We want them to understand the importance and relevance of a solid relationship with Christ in their everyday lives.

We want our youth to have a safe place to fellowship, ask questions and support one other as they interact with each and with Christ. 

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